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Global Human Resource Management Summit


DAY ONE: THURSDAY, 28 April 2022

08:30  |  Registration & Networking

08:45 | Keynote Address
THEME: Talent Acquisition, Career Development and Employee Relations As Vital HR Management Tools

KEYNOTE SPEAKER | Name, Job Title, Company, COUNTRY | Chairman, GloHRM2021

09:00 | TBA

SPEAKER | Name, Job Title, Company, Country

09:45 | TBA

SPEAKER | Name, Job Title, Company, Country

10:30 | Tea Break & Networking

11:00 | The Role Of Talent Acquisition & Engagement in Times of Crisis

SPEAKER | Tim A. ACKERMANN, Head of Global Talent Acquisition, TUI Group, GERMANY

11:45 | The Future of HR. Emotional and Artificial Intelligence

SPEAKER | Vladimir YAKUBA, Managing Partner, Tom Hunt, RUSSIA

12:30 | Business Lunch

13:30 | Driving Recruiting Efficiency With Numbers That Tell a Story

– How Automation and Data Can Be Used to Drive Hiring Efficiencies: A Real Life Case Study

SPEAKER | Manjuri SINHA, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, OLX Group, GERMANY

14:15 | Global HR Function as a Strategy for Competitive Advantage

– Role of HR Function in High Performing Companies
– What is Your Company’s Competitive Advantage?
– Linking HR Strategies to High Performing Companies
– HR Strategies That Help Companies Gain Competitive Advantage

SPEAKER | Subhash CHANDAR, Global CHRO, Laminaar Aviation Infotech, SINGAPORE

15:00 | Tea Break & Networking

15:30 | HR Becomes AGILE to Drive Talent Management

SPEAKER | Ignacio ARÁNGUEZ MONTERO, Head of Talent & Transformation, Aegon, SPAIN

16:15 | Driving Business Growth through Innovative Talent Management

– Aligning Talent Management with Business Strategy
– Use Talent Management to Strengthen Competitive Advantage
– Effectively Manage Talent Pools for Performance and Productivity

SPEAKER | Stella OBIALOR, Group Head, Human Resources & Administration, VIISAUS TECHNOLOGY, NIGERIA

17:00 | Learnability: The science Behind the Art of Learning

– A Clearer Understanding of How We Learn
– Recognising the Dangers of the Learning Illusion
– The 3 Step (AWF) Method for Effective Learning
– The Opportunity to Develop a Personal Learning Strategy

SPEAKER | Ian GIBBS, Business Owner, Learnability, SPAIN

17:45  |  End of Day One

Light Refreshment & Networking

DAY TWO: FRIDAY, 29 April 2022

08:30  |  Registration & Networking

09:00 | TBA

SPEAKER | Name, Job Title, Company, Country

09:45 | TBA

SPEAKER | Name, Job Title, Company, Country

10:30 | Tea Break & Networking

11:00 | Talent Acquisition in Technology Sector: How to Stand Out and Get Results

– Technical and Market Knowledge
– Advising your Hiring Manager and Candidates
– Employee Value Proposition and Employer Branding from Scratch
– Measuring Progress with Data

SPEAKER | Eduardo Moral CASIMIRO, Head of Talent Acquisition, CREALOGIX GROUP, SPAIN

11:45 | The Significance of Corporate Human Resource Function in Multinational Corporations

– Cultural Differences
– Effect of the HR Role on Employees and Culture – Benefits
– Implementation of HR Policies and Procedures – Internationally
– Challenges

SPEAKER | Stoyan Ivanov GETOV
, Chief People Officer, Tick42, BULGARIA

12:30 | Business Lunch

13:30 | Trust Fuels Performance

– How Can a ‘Strategic People Plan’ Be the Driver to Move from a Centrally led to an Empowered Organization
– How to Use your ‘Strategic People Plan’ to Build a Worldwide Company Group Culture
– Trust as Critical Ingredient to Build a High-Performance Culture
– Simplify HR: How Can We Make HR More ‘Easy to Grasp’

SPEAKER | Bart Van BAMBOST, Chief Human Resources Officer, Nipro Europe Group Companies N.V., BELGIUM

14:15 | The Stoic Leader An Ancient PHILOSOPHY for Modern Leaders

– How Has Your Team Responded to the Uncertainty and Pressure of the Last 12 Months?
– Are Your People Engaged or Just Getting By? Do You See Signs of Worry, Stress or Just Apathy in Your People? Have You Lost Motivation and Engagement Due to Remote Working?
– How About You, as the HR Leader? How are You Holding Up? Are You Feeling the Pressure?


15:00 | Tea Break & Networking

15:30 | The Changing Role of the Corporate HR Function in Multinational Corporations

– New Reality, New Leadership
– New Culture, New Ways
– Virtual Work
– Strategy for Future

SPEAKER | Head of HR, Wiener Osiguranje Vienna Insurance Group d.d., CROATIA

16:15 |  Storypower Your Culture: How to Drive Engagement, Purpose and Performance

– How to Shape the Stories that Drive Your Culture
– The Power of Changing Your Values, Mission, and Vision into Effective Stories
– The Secrets for Engaging your Team for Real Bottom-line Results

SPEAKER | Francisco MAHFUZ, Owner, Storypowers, SPAIN

17:00 |  Topic: TBA

SPEAKER | Name, Job Title, Company, Country

17:45  |  End of Day Two (Closing Remark)

Farewell Drinks & Networking

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